Hi! My name is Monica Bergkvist. First and foremost, I am a mother of 3 wonderful sons, 3, 9 and 12  years. The family also has 3 cats, Devon Rex. We usually live in our house in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden.

During the Winter we live in Spain, Gran Canaria, where we have purchased a small terraced house. I love everything associated with compact living and it has been a fun challenge to make the mini house functional to live in for 5 people and 3 cats.

My background consists, among other things, of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Stockholm University. I have over 10 years practice of working as care managers in my home community. I quit my job some time ago, in order to take a big step to seek new challenges. Today I am starting to build my own business in such areas as Internet Marketing.

I am both studying and working as an affiliate marketer in a company called the Six Figure Mentors (SFM). A very serious training where you really get to learn all about the digital world step by step. For those who also are interested in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, to start your own Internet business, becoming an affiliate (promoting other companies’ products) or learning to market their own products more effectively, I can really recommend SFM.

As a person I am social and love to meet my friends over a coffee. I have a passion for maybe a little odd things such as babystrollers and compact living. Despite my fear of flying and spiderphobia, I love to travel to warm places and have had the opportunity to travel a lot with my family.

Living My Digital Lifestyle- I can work whenever and wherever I choose. In Spain or Sweden does not matter as long as I have a mobile or computer and internet. I call that FREEDOM! 🙂

My outdoor "office" in my home in Gran Canaria, Spain.
My outdoor “office” in my home in Gran Canaria, Spain.